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The Video Display Unit is included with all of the VoteLynx systems.  The unit displays agenda items, member motions and votes, timer count, real time clock, vote results on video monitors.  The video output can also be sent to video distribution systems for presentation or broadcast.

The VDU-150 Video Display Unit shows meeting information including agenda items, motions, meeting actions and votes to the public on video displays, cable channel, and broadcast to web and mobile devices.  Real time viewable information includes:

  • Agenda items
  • Member Motions
  • Individual Member Votes
  • Voting Totals
  • Presentation Timer Count
  • Real Time Clock
  • Logo
  • User definable background graphic
  • Pre-Meeting announcements, recess, and emergency notifications

The VDU-150 outputs a both HDMI digital video up to 1920x1200 pixels, and analog video up to 1600x1200 pixels on a DB15HD connector.  Video from the Video Display Unit can be sent to large screen displays and/or video distribution systems for presentation or broadcast.

Option is available to key presentation timer display over live or computer video to allow presenters and audience to view time remaining.  

VDU Configurator software is included to enable remote configuration of the devices.

VDU-150 Video Display Unit Front

Sample Video Display Vote Total Screen

VoteLynx Video Display Unit