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Intent Digital (ID) provides technology and technical services to enable clients effectively integrate sophisticated audio, video, data and control technology into their public meetings. ID’s engineers bring vision, imagination, skill and passion to the table, gleaned from decades of hands-on expertise in building & facility design, system integration and product development for AV & broadcast equipment manufacturers.

VoteLynx started as a custom project for the City of Mesa to replace an aging unreliable electro-mechanical voting system.   The project’s success greatly exceeded Mesa’s original expectations, Since city staff were so delighted with the new system, they strongly suggested that VoteLynx be rolled out as a standard product available to government bodies across the country. Shortly thereafter, a second VoteLynx system was installed in Mesa’s lower council chamber.

VoteLynx continues to grow in capability and product diversity. Systems are installed in a wide range of city councils, state legislatures, county boards, school districts, college districts and boardrooms. Our technology partners also integrate VoteLynx into their information management applications or develop add-on’s for the system.

In addition to a premier class of voting and control technologies, Intent Digital provides design and consulting services crucial to implementing successful meeting spaces.  From concept through final documentation, expertise includes:

     Digital Broadcast & Video Production Systems

     Audio Reinforcement and Distribution Systems

     Audio Visual and Media Presentation Rooms

     Audio Visual Control, Building Automation and Energy Management Systems

     Voice, Data and Control Networks


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