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Flexible system configuration, capabilities and accessory options

Multiple meeting type selections and configurations

Simple straight forward agenda entry and management

Handles non-standard meeting events

Records votes, motions, vote absenteeism's, member abstentions

Presentation timer displays with automatic microphone control

Displays votes on system light displays, external customer displays or video displays

Presentation timer displays with automatic microphone control

Vote panel microphone switches control external audio mixers connected to network

VoteLynx database records all agenda, vote and motion data with time and date stamps

Flexible Request to Speak functions with many microphone operating modes    

Request to Speak operates with digital audio mixers

Control of multiple cameras in combination with request to speak functions

Extensive paging and signaling capabilities

Easily export VoteLynx databases a word processors, spreadsheet and database programs

Audio Visual equipment control capability


"The beauty of the VoteLynx system is that it understands intuitively how a city council operates. VoteLynx is remarkably simple to use and gives us everything we could ask for."

City of Avondale, Arizona

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