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Intent Digital provides web based training on VoteLynx system operation.   VoteLynx operation training modules cover software navigation, workflow, agenda management, common meeting scenarios, and tips and techniques for smooth running meetings.  Technical training covering system overview, configuration and system maintenance is also available.

Intent Digital will collaborate with your technical team or a system integrator of your choice to install the VoteLynx system into your facility. Our comprehensive design and integration expertise guarantees a successful project.  With this experience we can also integrate any other pertinent audio visual equipment to create a highly productive meeting environment.

Intent Digital provides remote and optional on site VoteLynx system start-up and commissioning. Intent Digital engineers can also provide configuration and alignment of the VoteLynx control system and audio visual equipment connected to the system.  

“The newly installed VoteLynx system is extremely user friendly and the justice associates enjoy the ease and efficiency of using it.  All of the Court staff involved in the project are pleased that the Intent Digital team was able to successfully complete the project, especially under particularly challenging circumstances.  The Supreme Court has greatly enjoyed its relationship with Intent Digital, and this newly completed project demonstrates how the Court has benefited from the company’s counsel and expertise.”

Arizona Supreme Court

Intent Digital provides a broad range of technology services to create a successful meeting environment.  Our strong background in system design and integration provides you with a valuable resource during the project.  


System installation

Startup and Commissioning


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At this time during the COVID-19 pandemic onsite services are suspended.