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VoteLynx MiniTouch Multi-Function Vote Panels are available in several desktop configurations.  Customized panels are also available to fit specific meeting body requirements. All the MiniTouch Multi-Function vote panels offer simple touch based voting operation with the VoteLynx Meeting Management System.

The panels feature Yes, No, Abstain, Motion entry and Request to Speak (RTS)/Mic buttons. RTS/MIC button operates in both discussion and request to speak modes as selected on the VoteLynx system.  MiniTouch vote panels support  variations of Yes/No labels, including Yea/Nay and Aye/Nay.  Optional button configurations include video selection and separate Microphone and Request to Speak buttons.  He video selection button is used to select viewing of local computer video or live HD presentation video on video displays located at each member position.

Units contain a small piezo speaker to provide audio cues and prompts as desired. MTV-200 units feature an audio speaker and headphone amplifier to provide localized sound reinforcement, monitoring and mix-minus operation when used with multi-channel DSP audio mixers.  Both MTV-200/201 includes a gooseneck microphone with or without LED ring.  The microphone is shock mounted to provide acoustic isolation that eliminate unwanted thumps and noise.  The panels include audio cable to connect to a DSP mixer or digital audio network interface. A USB charging port for mobile devices is also available.  

  • Simple touch voting operation
  • Yes, No, Abstain, Motion and Request-to-Speak Microphone buttons
  • Optional video selection
  • Visual cues guide users through operation
  • Vivid TFT active matrix color LCD with white LED backlighting
  • Configurable piezo speaker provides audio cues
  • Desktop mount
  • Multiple gooseneck microphone choices
  • Optional audio amplifier, speaker and headphone driver
  • Ethernet IP interface connects vote panels to VoteLynx systems
  • Optional driver module for microphone LED light ring
  • Optional USB charging port for mobile devices

MTV-200 MiniTouch Vote Panel

Multi-Function Vote Panels

MTV-201 MiniTouch Vote Panel