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VoteLynx LT is an entry level simple to use, non-computer based roll call voting system. The complete package includes Master Vote Control Panel with vote and timer controls, VoteLynx Control Processor and Voting Panels. LT is perfect for city councils, legislative meeting rooms, and boardrooms where rugged reliability is required without the necessity of agenda management and data archiving.

Optional components allow VoteLynx to tally voting activity on light displays, and over video screens and cable TV channels. VoteLynx LT’s flexible configuration makes it the perfect voting for almost every meeting scenario. With its modular design, the VoteLynx LT system is ideally suited for easy permanent installation or portable operation.

VoteLynx LT is upgradeable to SE as the need for demanding record keeping grows.  This built in system flexibility guarantees that VoteLynx will easily expand as your needs change and grow, without fear of obsolescence.

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““We have found Intent Digital wonderful to work with. They really pay attention to what we want as customers and are constantly coming up with new ideas to address our needs. Help is practically instantaneous through a single phone call. Every person I’ve worked with has been a real person, not just a salesman trying to get our business, but of course they wouldn’t mind!”

Linda Hascup

City Clerk

City of Coronado, CA

Flexible system configuration, capabilities and accessory options. Easily upgrades to VoteLynx SE system.  Records votes, absenteeism's, and member abstentions. Presentation timer control to timer and video displays.  Ability to display vote results on system light displays, external customer displays, video displays or cable TV.

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VoteLynx LT



This product has been discontinued.  Existing systems can be easily upgraded to VoteLynx SE or XLG