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Plug-in terminal block to easily connect vote panels, control modules, timers and other devices into the VoteLynx network.

The TB-100 Terminal Block provides an easy way to manage the ControLynx cabling system.  Mounted on the Terminal Block are 12 four pin Phoenix style connectors bussed together to allow simple distribution to multiple system network cables.  The four pin connectors contain both power and network signals.  A two pin 12 volt power connection is provided to connect to a VoteLynx power supply.  An internal 6.0 amp solid state auto-reset fuse protects the network and Terminal Block from damage in the case of a short circuit or overload.  The fuse will automatically reset once the short circuit or overload is removed.  A two pin network connection is also provided to connect the network input to the terminal block or link network connections to additional TB-100 Terminal Blocks.  

TB-100 Terminal Block

VoteLynx Terminal Block