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VoteLynx DCM Digital Control Modules enable the voting system to control a wide variety of equipment including audio mixers, video switchers, microphone switches & indicators, timer lamps and signaling devices.  DCM modules mount almost anywhere inside equipment racks, under desktops, inside millwork or on a closet wall.  

DCM-407 Microphone Switch Lamp Module

Up to five lighted switches can be connected to the DCM-407 module to operate over the VoteLynx network.  Each switch input is individually programmable to control one or more functions on the network.  The module’s lamp driver outputs will drive microphone or desktop LED lamps.  Built-in Request to Speak queue and blink capability.

DCM-411 Relay Output Module

The DCM-411 Relay Output Control Module triggers equipment requiring a contact closure from the network.   Eleven relay contact closures are provided on the module.


  • Muting microphones, audio mixer inputs
  • Activating screens and shades
  • Selecting lighting scenes on dimmer systems
  • Lighting LED indicator lamps
  • Controlling amplifier power on/off
  • Activating sequenced power systems
  • Selecting video switcher inputs

DCM Digital Control Module

DCM Series Digital Control Modules